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These Samsung Galaxy S23 Features Were Developed in India

These Samsung Galaxy S23 Features Were Developed in India

Samsung has just unveiled some very interesting details about the features  it offers in its latest generation of flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S23 series. Some of the features appear to have been developed in India, so here are all the details. 

South Korean tech giant Research and Development Institute Noida (SRI-N) is a global R&D center working to create advanced solutions for businesses, according to official releases. SRI-N has thus made a significant contribution to the development of smartphones and other innovations of the brand. Additionally, this team in India has also been working closely with other teams in South Korea to help develop innovative features in the latest Galaxy S23 range.

Some of the features created by SRI-N engineers are also related to user experience, health features, performance improvement and user security. The user experience in particular is an important part of digital work and the SRI-N team has worked hard to create an intuitive experience. An example is the Galaxy to Share app, which allows users to share all of their customization and  personalization settings between Galaxy devices. There are also various widgets and features related to the watch that are also being developed in India. 

With health in mind, SRI-N engineers focused on improving the health features of Samsung's latest flagship phones.The new Galaxy S23 series devices come with a new sleep tracking widget on the home screen and even a new  water intake tracker that can even set water drinking reminders. Samsung Health monitors also help with water mapping, body composition, cycle tracking and heart rate monitoring of users. Finally, the SRI-N team also developed Emergency SOS and Emergency Sharing in the new phones.

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