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Software engineer jobs in danger due to ChatGPT-like tools? Here's what Google CEO Sundar Pichai has to say

Software engineer jobs in danger due to ChatGPT-like tools? Here's what Google CEO Sundar Pichai has to say

With new-age synthetic intelligence equipment like ChatGPT, Bard and greater, many are involved approximately their jobs being taken away through AI. Amidst the worry, Google CEO Sundar Pichai says that those equipment are predicted to make software program programming equipment greater available to human beings.

Sundar Pichai on ChatGPT-like equipment

In a podcast with The New York Times, Pichai spoke approximately worry amongst software program engineers dropping jobs because of AI. He stated, “I agree with there might be a whole lot of societal variation with this one. And as a part of that, we might also additionally all want to regulate our paths.”

Pichai centered at the nice factors of generative AI equipment. “I assume there are  matters so as to additionally be authentic for software program engineers. One is that a number of the menial labour you do as a part of programming will improve. So possibly it turns into greater fun to code over time, just like how Google Docs has made it less complicated to write. And so if you`re a programmer, over time, having those collaborative IDs with the help constructed in, I assume, goes to make it easier.”

Pichai believes that ChatGPT, Bard-like equipment will make programming greater available to many and as a result it'll permit customers to make new items that could cause the introduction of recent roles withinside the future.

When requested if the fulfillment of OpenAI`s ChatGPT surprises him, he stated that he became now no longer stunned through it. He defined “We were following GPT 2 and GPT 3. We knew the nice of the human beings there, in order that element got here as no surprise.” He defined that even Bard will extend withinside the coming days.

He similarly added, “We truely have greater succesful models. Pretty soon, we are able to be upgrading Bard to a number of our greater succesful Pathways Language Model (PaLM) models, that allows you to deliver greater capabilities; be it in reasoning, coding, it could solution maths questions better." Notably, Google`s Bard isn't always but to be had in India.

He additionally spoke approximately Bard`s limitations, “To me, it became critical to now no longer positioned out a greater succesful version earlier than we are able to absolutely ensure we are able to manage it well.”

Pichai additionally mentioned that the improvement of AI is shifting too speedy proper now and “possibly poses a hazard to society”.

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