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What Do People Look For In A Health Insurance Plan?

In a world where disease rates and medical expenses are on the rise, securing the right health insurance becomes paramount. The Indian market offers a plethora of health insurance products, each with its unique selling points. Navigating through these options may seem daunting, but fear not – we've got your back.

Health Insurance

Choosing the Right Insurance Company – Your First Step to Peace of Mind

Plan for Variety:

To find the perfect coverage, explore companies offering diverse plans and unique selling propositions (USPs). Having various options ensures you can tailor your coverage to fit your specific needs.

Claim Settlement Ratio:

Delve into a company's claim settlement ratio – a percentage showcasing its commitment to settling claims. A higher ratio indicates a company's dedication to being insured-friendly.

Claim-Based Loading:

Be wary of firms that might increase your renewal premium based on past claims. Avoid the hassle of rising premiums by steering clear of such companies.


Dive into consumer reviews to gain insights into an insurer's reputation. Consult with friends and family about their insurance experiences. This firsthand information can guide you towards the ideal insurance company.

Selecting the Perfect Plan – Tailoring Coverage to Your Needs

Coverage Benefits:

Assess your coverage needs before choosing a plan. For instance, if you anticipate family expansion, opt for plans with maternity coverage. Seek additional features like sum insured restoration, cumulative bonuses, and value-added benefits for comprehensive coverage.


Opt for plans with customizable coverage features. Health insurance add-ons allow you to personalize your coverage based on your unique needs.


Balance is key when comparing premiums to coverage. Compare premiums from insurers with similar policy benefits to ensure you get the best value for your money.


Be aware of sub-limits on room rent, ICU charges, AYUSH coverage, and domiciliary treatments. These limits can affect your coverage and result in unexpected out-of-pocket costs.


Navigate through copayment provisions, understanding the terms and conditions. Ideally, choose plans with lower copayments, especially for senior citizen plans where this clause may be inevitable.

Determining the Right Coverage Amount – Ensuring Financial Peace of Mind

To determine the ideal total insured for your health plan, consider:

  • The number of policyholders
  • Pre-existing ailments within the family
  • The frequency and costs of hospitalizations and medical treatments
  • Rising medical inflation

Insurers often calculate the appropriate sum insured based on income, expenses, existing coverage, and covered individuals. Use the simple formula:

Sum insured = 50% of your annual income + 3 years of hospitalization costs

Health insurance becomes more affordable with monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual installment premiums. Super top-up programs offer additional coverage while keeping premiums in check.

Conclusion: Your Path to Comprehensive Health Insurance

In a world full of uncertainties, a well-chosen health insurance plan acts as a shield against unforeseen medical expenses. By understanding the nuances of selecting the right insurance company, plan, and coverage amount, you pave the way for financial peace of mind and robust health security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is maternity coverage essential in a health insurance plan?

Maternity coverage is crucial for those planning to expand their families. It ensures comprehensive coverage during pregnancy and childbirth.

Why is a high claim settlement ratio important?

A higher claim settlement ratio indicates that the insurance company consistently fulfills claims, providing a reliable and customer-friendly experience.

What factors should I consider when customizing my health insurance coverage?

Consider your unique needs, such as specific illnesses, family history, and lifestyle, when customizing your health insurance coverage.

How does rising medical inflation impact the choice of sum insured?

Rising medical inflation necessitates a higher sum insured to ensure your health plan remains effective in covering escalating medical costs.

Are super top-up programs a cost-effective option for additional coverage?

Yes, super top-up programs provide additional coverage at lower premiums, making them a cost-effective choice for bolstering your health insurance.

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